American Interior DVD Review

In 2008 Dylan Goch and musician Gruff Rhys (Super Furry Animals) made Separado! which saw Rhys head out on a distant adventure to create a travelogue spliced with psychedelia, grand vistas and remote gigs.

Jules et Jim DVD Review

Welcome to Paris. Early 20th century. Before the war. Take a ride with me on this merry-go-round, Francois Truffaut seems to say, the opening sequences here a bravura display of editing and narration to create... Read More...

Shoot the Pianist DVD Review

Francois Truffaut’s second and third films reflect the tastes of the French New Wave. So here we have a (very French) film noir based on American pulp fiction that was followed by a period epic that puts two fi... Read More...

Too Late Blues Blu-ray Review

The year is 1961. In Britain Tony Richardson directs A Taste of Honey, in France Last Year In Marienbad is released, in Italy there is Accatone, in Japan Yojimbo, and in America Hollywood is struggling. In a bi... Read More...

The Golden Dream Review

The Golden Dream here is to get to America, the Promised Land where a better life awaits. Our juvenile heroes often say they are simply going “North” as if heading up represents a higher purpose.