Cul-de-sac Blu-ray Review

For fans of Polanski, Cul-de-sac certainly deserves to be seen. It’s a hugely original, unfiltered film that is not afraid to take chances, even if most of them don’t necessarily pan out.

Mildred Pierce Criterion Collection Blu-ray Review

Faye Dunaway is a star of such indescribable gravitas, it is often difficult to separate Crawford herself from the films she appeared in. This is certainly evident in the great selection of special features available on the new Blu-ray of Mildred Pierce, which all tie-back to Crawford’s persona.

The Chamber DVD Review

A deep sea submarine drifts down to the ocean bed near the South / North Korea border. Piloted by a member of a transport ship crew with enough experience to guide it along the surface safely, it is however a h... Read More...

Zombie Lake DVD Review

When the local woman of a small isolated town start turning up dead, it worries everyone. The town feels it is falling victim to something horrid, something historic. The town was overrun in the second world wa... Read More...