• The Legend of Barney Thompson Review

    The Legend of Barney Thompson Review

    Sometimes, a debut feature-length directorial effort can be too in thrall to the maker’s influences to really stand out. Unfortunately, Robert Carlyle’s debut work falls into that rather disappointing category. The Legend of Barney Thompson is many things, but of its own mind is not one of them. In Glasgow, a serial killer is on [...]

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  • The Human Centipede 3 Review

    The Human Centipede 3 Review

    Following on from two infamously distasteful exploitation films, The Human Centipede III peels back another layer on the Tom Six universe and turns what was once a genuinely unsettling horror concept into complete and utter Grindhouse trash.

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  • Amy Review

    Amy Review

    Asif Kapadia’s follow-up documentary to his rather brilliant Senna (2010) makes a rather subtle first impression.

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  • La Grande Bouffe Review

    La Grande Bouffe Review

    Four friends who are well placed in the elite or newly blooming rich have decided that after having lived such lives of excess and debauchery, the only way to see out their final days fittingly is by suicide by food.

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  • Burying The Ex Review

    Burying The Ex Review

    Joe Dante (Gremlins) returns with Burying The Ex, a tongue in cheek zombie-romance that is unlikely to excite many unless they actually sit down and watch.

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  • Seret 2015 | Zero Motivation Review

    Seret 2015 | Zero Motivation Review

    Talya Lavie's feature film debut is the outrageously brilliant, Zero Motivation; another in a line of fascinating, revealing and powerful filmmaking from Israel telling women's stories.

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