The Handmaiden Review

What do you get if you mix Park Chan-wook, the director of possibly one of the best thrillers of all time (Oldboy of course) and British writing royalty Sarah Waters' Victorian era set classic, Fingersmith? Well you get The Handmaiden and quite frankly, as an audience, we are lucky that this film exists because it's bloody terrific.

Red Christmas Review

You better watch out, you better not cry...yep its a little early for carols but not for murder! Mothers are a Xmas delight and they can also stop rampaging crazed stranger monster types, set on cutting up the ... Read More...
I Am Not Your Negro

‘I Am Not Your Negro’ Review

It is arguable that a documentary film should ask questions and apply answers. Most of the time, it is enough merely to ask questions. Some of the most powerful examples of the form provide solely the latter. F... Read More...
neruda 06-0-2000-0-1125-crop

Neruda Review

Hot off the heels of Jackie comes Neruda, another biopic from director Pablo Lorrain. Shifting his focus from former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis to poet and diplomat Pablo Neruda, Lorrain also shifts his entire approach, as these two films are nothing alike.

Gauguin Graphic Novel

Gauguin left Copenhagen and headed for the Polynesian islands. The French artist felt a pull to a place that was seen as the end of the world. Mythical and mystical it had become the place where people went to ... Read More...