Gauguin Graphic Novel

Gauguin left Copenhagen and headed for the Polynesian islands. The French artist felt a pull to a place that was seen as the end of the world. Mythical and mystical it had become the place where people went to ... Read More...

The Eyes of My Mother Review

It must be said right away that The Eyes of My Mother is one of the most disturbing and evocative films of the year, powerfully clawing its way deep under the skin of the audience.

The Olive Tree Review

When Iciar Bollain was selected for a lead part in Ken Loach’s Land and Freedom in 1995, due partly to her flaming red hair, perhaps only the Bollain herself knew what heights she would reach. Around the same t... Read More...

Elle Review

Elle is, perhaps, a misleading title, for Michèle Leblanc is no everywoman. In as much as anything can be expected of Isabelle Huppert, her latest creation is singularly complex, a provocative woman to match th... Read More...

Haddon Hall Graphic Novel

The early or mid life of David Bowie, that musical genius and sensation of the arts is explored in this piece. He lived in a run down, former mansion and hosted parties, band jams, music concerts and recitals. ... Read More...