• Locke Review

    Locke Review

    On the surface Steven Knight's Locke seems like a modern thriller in the making, mixed with a unique filmmaking style and lead acting from the wonderful Tom Hardy it seems there is little that could go wrong. Well...

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  • We Are The Best! Review

    We Are The Best! Review

    Lukas Moodysson's tale of three young teenage girls, living in 1980s Stockholm, is a funny, memorable and touching film told with the excitement and urgency needed to capture the hearts and minds of the audience and grasp hold of them for the length of the story.

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  • Half of a Yellow Sun Review

    Half of a Yellow Sun Review

    "You must never behave as if your life belongs to a man." Words to live by, and perhaps the abridged thesis of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, recently made a pop culture heroine with an extensive quoting by Beyoncé on her latest album.

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  • Concussion Review | BFI Flare 2014

    Concussion Review | BFI Flare 2014

    Concussion is Stacie Passon's thrilling and sensual debut feature, focusing on a whole new look at the desperate housewife scenario.

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  • C.O.G. Review | BFI Flare 2014

    C.O.G. Review | BFI Flare 2014

    Kyle Patrick Alvarez's adaptation of David Sedaris' essay, C.O.G., is an intimate story of a man who is stuck between the world he knows so well and another filled with people completely unlike those he grew up around with beliefs that are far from his own.

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  • Under the Skin Review

    Under the Skin Review

    Scarlett Johansson is unsettling in this sinister, murky, discordant and worrying thriller set in a Glasgow winter

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