When Marnie Was There

When Marnie Was There Review

Transferring piquant British children’s books to magical, picturesque Japanese settings is becoming something of a habit for Studio Ghibli - or was, at least, before their current (and possibly permanent) h... Read More...

The Nice Guys Review

Who'd have thunk it? The award for best chemistry of the year goes to Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe for their hilarious pairing in Shane Black's The Nice Guys. Even as the film is starting, it has sequel and franchise written all over it (in a good way, and by the end of the film, a very good way).

A Hologram For A King Review

A Hologram For A King is a perfect example of Hollywood snapping up the rights to anything in print that has a track record of selling well. Ready to dip its hands into the well of affectionate regard, the mach... Read More...
Departure 1

Departure Review

The South of France is typically a environment that fosters cinematic sexual awakenings, in the lazy heat of rolling fields; vineyards and deserted stone streets the perfect locale for romantic frissons and car... Read More...

Green Room Review

Green Room is a nasty piece of work. It really is. And yet writer/director Jeremy Saulnier probably wouldn’t have it any other way. His follow-up to the stylish (and also slightly icky) Blue Ruin is certainly a... Read More...
Florence Foster Jenkins

Florence Foster Jenkins Review

For a woman who died over seventy years ago, Florence Foster Jenkins is currently enjoying an unexpected surge in popularity. Not even two months ago, Xavier Giannoli’s Marguerite was released, a film that reca... Read More...