• Greatest TV Dramas this Century

    Greatest TV Dramas this Century

    The 21st Century so far; a time of global oil wars, economic depression and, most importantly, the rise of the TV series. We’ve seen the genre outclass film in many ways, offering a more expansive platform for writers, actors and directors to explore different themes and concepts. We’ve seen some great series over the years. [...]

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  • Adventure Time Season 1 DVD Review

    Adventure Time Season 1 DVD Review

    The bonkers but brilliant show, devised by Pendleton Ward (who also voices one of the best supporting characters, Lumpy Space Princess), follows the escapades of Finn the human and Jake the magical dog who can change size and shape at will.

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  • Top of the Lake Review

    Top of the Lake Review

    As much gender polemic as police procedural, Jane Campion’s little girl lost TV miniseries/extended film Top of the Lake explores the disappearance of a pregnant twelve year old girl in smalltown New Zealand and the consequences this has on a community tied, fatally, together. Starring Elizabeth Moss (Peggy from Mad Men) as Robin, a detective who returns home to [...]

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  • World Without End Review

    World Without End Review

    It's like an am-dram production have decided to recreate Game of Thrones at an open air museum using costumes that were deemed too unrealistic for the BBC version of Robin Hood.

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  • Broadchurch Episode One Review

    Broadchurch Episode One Review

    British teledrama has another scrape of the long-empty creative barrel with dramatic dregs-heap Broadchurch, the latest in a long line of rock-bottom miserablist productions that are over-funded and offensively marketed. As its tagline (“A Town Wrapped in Secrets”) and its premise (small town rocked by murder!) suggest, this new eight-part series sails to shore brimming [...]

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  • Beyond Scared Straight Review

    Beyond Scared Straight Review

    America has presented its televised culture with numerous documentaries that focus on the lives and rehabilitation of some of their worst young juveniles. Crime and Investigation Network’s ‘Beyond Scared Straight’ is a modern take on 1978’s ‘Scared Straight!’ by Arnold Shapiro, and interestingly highlights how thirty-four years have passed, yet we still face the same [...]

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