The Survivalist DVD Review

Stephen Singleton's The Survivalist is an extraordinarily beautiful film, mostly without dialogue, much of the emotion and narrative drive is left to the bodies and movements of its three main characters.
Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay star in "Room." (Ruth Hurl/Element Pictures)

Room DVD Review

Let’s be honest. Child actors, for the most part, are rather annoying. So Lenny Abrahamson, if you are going to force us into spending two hours in the company of one, you had better make it worth our while. ... Read More...

Grey Gardens review

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The Divide Review

The Divide is an important and revealing documentary looking at the gap between rich and poor in both the USA and UK.

Couple in a Hole Review

Tom Geens' Couple in a Hole is a stunningly captured, captivating and deeply emotional journey into the wild and worn out heart of darkness of a couple who have lost everything.