Dirty Grandpa Blu-ray Review

Despite popular belief, Dirty Grandpa is funny. For the second time in a row, director Dan Mazer has put together a star studded comedy that on release has driven critics mad whilst audiences have found them great fun.

A Hologram For A King Review

A Hologram For A King is a perfect example of Hollywood snapping up the rights to anything in print that has a track record of selling well. Ready to dip its hands into the well of affectionate regard, the mach... Read More...

Green Room Review

Green Room is a nasty piece of work. It really is. And yet writer/director Jeremy Saulnier probably wouldn’t have it any other way. His follow-up to the stylish (and also slightly icky) Blue Ruin is certainly a... Read More...

The Survivalist DVD Review

Stephen Singleton's The Survivalist is an extraordinarily beautiful film, mostly without dialogue, much of the emotion and narrative drive is left to the bodies and movements of its three main characters.
Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay star in "Room." (Ruth Hurl/Element Pictures)

Room DVD Review

Let’s be honest. Child actors, for the most part, are rather annoying. So Lenny Abrahamson, if you are going to force us into spending two hours in the company of one, you had better make it worth our while. ... Read More...