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  • The Way He Looks Review

    The Way He Looks Review

    In The Way He Looks, Ribeiro offers a commendable sensitivity to a story that could easily be side-tracked by the plight of disability.

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  • This Is Where I Leave You Review

    This Is Where I Leave You Review

    This Is Where I Leave You Review For all of its feigned good intentions, it is as hollow as an empty coffin. I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed. I’m surprised that that wonderful cliché didn’t make it into a script littered with them

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  • Dementamania Review

    Dementamania Review

    Dementamania begins with a quasi-Patrick Bateman/American Psycho type character, Edward Arkham (no connection to the asylum from Batman in the slightest...)

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  • White Settlers DVD Review

    White Settlers DVD Review

    Whilst White Settlers is pretty middle of the road, it is certainly worth a watch to see a home invasion film on a much smaller scale and to highlight the talent from both the leads, but especially McIntosh.

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  • Boys DVD Review

    Boys DVD Review

    Boys is a coming of age story by Dutch director Mischa Kamp. It tells the story of Sieger, played by Gijs Blom, an adolescent track runner who is put on the relay team with three other boys.

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  • The Maze Runner Review

    The Maze Runner Review

    Based on the book by James Rashner, The Maze Runner is the latest in a long line of 21st century teen novels to be given the blockbuster treatment.

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