La Strada DVD Review

Before he hit the lofty heights of the critical adoration of his most famed films 8 ½ and La Dolce Vita, Federico Fellini had already created one masterpiece, and it almost broke him. Problematic from the start... Read More...

Harmonium Review

Koji Fukada’s Harmonium begins like a still, mirror-like pond. It’s quiet, beautiful and reveals little. This is the core of the film, a human drama that softly exposes the dynamics of its characters and relati... Read More...

Catfight Blu-ray Review

Watch Catfight, do whatever you need to do but make sure that you watch Catfight and enjoy it for all its intricacies and madness.
I Am Not Your Negro

‘I Am Not Your Negro’ Review

It is arguable that a documentary film should ask questions and apply answers. Most of the time, it is enough merely to ask questions. Some of the most powerful examples of the form provide solely the latter. F... Read More...