Maigret the French detective par excellence! Georges Simenon’s world famous novels were and still are exceptionally popular. He made Commissaire Jules Maigret, the kind of man that was compelled to solve mystery’s. He is a driven man of prinicpal and contemplation. Resolving to deduce all that is good and all that is wrong with the world. Though Simenon’s books have been adapted many times for film and television, including Mr Bean’s starring series (he will hate that introduction). It has never been quite so visceral, quite so real to the nose and eye. A BAFTA winning series, made for UK TV at a time of the book series height (and a Francophile moment thanks to the Nouvelle Vague and Britain’s relationship with its direct cousin.) Rupert Davies stars as Commissaire Maigret, playing him as a harder and slightly dogged man. The French detective exists in a world of dubious crimes, Paris on the cusp of cultural revolution and a sense of fear of the past decaying.

This BBC production was well received and really well crafted. There are 52 episodes here (the series of 51 and a pilot), running from 1960 to the end of 1963. Running from our gentle relationship with the man known as Maigret to the finally moments of his professional identifying process. These episodes have a host of great film faces. Great film faces that are British icons.  Stratford Johns, Leon Cortez, Terence Alexander, Roger Delgado, William Franklyn and Barry Foster. You can see these named on Wikipedia. However, what makes the series, is that gait of a man who knows. He watches like a hawk but in an easy way. Not stressed. Not assertive but assured. In the feature-length play, finally available for us all, this is played out with real charm. Now the greatest compliment to the audience is that the series actually takes us seriously.

Great news. High Definition from original television filmed elements. Also displayed in its original fullscreen TV format. The best addition is that Making of Book, which is detailed, running over the work of the series and the power of its universal hold over the man.

This deluxe, limited edition release features:

• Special packaging
• Book on the making of the series by archive television historian Andrew Pixley
• Collectable postcards
• CD of Ron Grainer’s Maigret soundtrack LP

Please note that this packaging and special features are only available as part of

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