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  • Sleep & Dreams in Popular Culture

    Sleep & Dreams in Popular Culture

    An infographic about how sleep and dreams have affected popular culture. It’s presented beautifully and includes some successful movies based on sleep (Inception and The Matrix)

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  • Trance Review

    Trance Review

    On the tin, this psychological thriller is a non-stop thrills ride, filled with action, sex, a stunningly shimmery look at London and a true return to genre movies but unfortunately for me, Trance, felt a little too glamorous with very little notice of good storytelling... or a good story

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  • Christopher Nolan Season at BFI + Win Tickets

    Christopher Nolan Season at BFI + Win Tickets

    July 1st – 22nd 2012 BFI Southbank The rise of Christopher Nolan has been extremely quick in Directorial terms. It was only 1998 when he first released Following. A part time film project that was filmed at weekends and during his spare time, with a lot of friends helping out with the acting and as [...]

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  • A Beginner’s Guide to… Christopher Nolan

    A Beginner’s Guide to… Christopher Nolan

    To quickly explain these series of articles again, I want to be able to give a brief history of the director and then choose three of their films to discuss.The Beginner film would be for viewers who haven’t ever watched a film by this director (a good introduction, some may say), the Intermediate would be for those [...]

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  • Source Code DVD/Blu-ray Review

    Source Code DVD/Blu-ray Review

    The Source Code is a newly invented project for ‘time reassignment’, allowing an individual to relive the last eight minutes of another’s life. Here it’s being used by the military for the morally justifiable reason of the greater good. Mentally torturing one man, Captain Colter Stevens, (Jake Gyllenhaal) to save thousands from a confirmed second terrorist [...]

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  • First image of Anne Hathaway as Catwomen released

    First image of Anne Hathaway as Catwomen released

    The first image of Anne Hathaway’s Catwomen costume has been released via the official website for the widely anticipated The Dark Knight Rises, which is set to be Christopher Nolan’s final Batman movie. Anne Hathaway is taking the role as Selina Kyle and her costumed alter-ego Catwomen, the exact relationship to Batman in this film is [...]

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