Go To Blazes DVD Review

Released for the first the on DVD to mark its 50th Anniversary, Go To Blazes is a charming crime caper brimming full of classic British humour.

Three crooks, Alfie (Norman Rossington), Bernard (David King) and Harry (Daniel Massey) cook up a plan to pose as fireman after figuring out a fire truck would be the perfect getaway car. However things don’t go to plan as Harry gets involved with a shop assistant and the other two realise the pitfalls of their disguise.

Blazes is a perfectly delightful comedy showcasing a whole host of British talent from the 60s, including appearances by Dudley Sutton and Dad’s Army‘s Arthur Lowe and John Le Mesurier. Robert Morley is also hilarious as the scene stealing criminal scientist Arson Eddie. Despite running at a lean 80 minutes, Blazes does lose its momentum half way through as the plot seems to become convoluted and clunky although it squanders none of its charm.

Despite the subject matter of crime, the tone is light-hearted and lacks any of the bite of the Ealing Comedies. Never the less Blazes has its own appeal which is mainly owed to the frequent banter between the three leads. It is their quick fire exchanges as well as the clever visual gags which makes Blazes a pleasure to watch.

The DVD itself does not include any Special Features, just the original film.

Overall Go To Blazes is a treat for any fans of traditional British humour, although anyone expecting an Ealing comedy may be underwhelmed.

Go To Blazes is released on DVD from the 30th of January 2012.

It will also be screened at the British Film Institute in the London Comedy Film Festival on January 29th 2012.

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  1. Jonathan Wakeham

    It’s a really charming film, with an amazing cast, and you can also catch it on the big screen at the London Comedy FIlm Festival at BFI Southbank on 29th January, twinned with the world premiere performance of The Day Off, the legendary lost Tony Hancock film: http://bit.ly/uaAAUy.


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