Histoire(s) du Cinéma Review

The young upstart is no more. An ageing Jean-Luc Godard sits before us his grey hairs rendered in the unflattering colours of analogue video. The 1960s are gone and with it the old machinery. The familiar cigar... Read More...

Le Mépris Review

Jean-Luc Godard had six films released in 1963. Le Mépris was one of those and it is more than most filmmakers manage in a lifetime. This is a film about a film where one director, Godard, pays his respects to many others while making a film utterly his own.
Goodbye to Language w/ Kamel Abdelli and Zoe Bruneau

Discussing Jean-Luc Godard with Kamel Abdeli & Zoe Bruneau – the stars of ‘Goodbye To Language’

Released onto DVD and Blu-ray on 8th December 2014 is film legend Jean-Luc Godard's first 3D effort, Goodbye To Language. It's a film that is impossible to distil into a convenient shorthand synopsis; an assault on the senses that is worthy of repeated viewings. With heavy symbolism and an elliptical narrative, it is a feature that extends beyond its inventive application of 3D and into something greater.