I can imagine the right wingers in places in the US, getting rather hot and bothered by COP SECRET, the new comedy action film from Iceland. The longer reasons are harder to explain but in short, well here goes. A cop called Bússi (Auðunn Blöndal) has to comes to terms with a few things. New police station (80s cliche), new younger and fitter police partner Hörður (Egill Einarsson) (cop cliche) and his homosexual desire for the latter (umm…that new to me). So in denial about his sexuality is Bussi, that he falls in love with his new partner and doesnt tell him until well, I wont spoil it.

The paper thin plot around an investigating into a string of bank robberies where nothing seems to have been stolen, is actually quite clever as we are left to enjoy the relationship. Though ostensibly between two collegues it is really about the one who is hapless lusting after the other and even putting that aside, the film is a complete parody of the ridiculous and still desired cop films of the ages. Done with a sense of awe, respect and direct defamation. Though the jokes are sometimes stifled by an overload of things happening, they often cross over to land well in the audiences general direction.



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