7.2 Review | Short | London Film Festival 2014

An incomprehensible flurry of schoolgirls giving each other bloody noses, 7.2 is a bit of a mess.  This short by Nida Manzoor is part computer-game action drama (complete with heavy yellowish tinting and exaggerated ‘thwump’ noises), part CBBC-style TV programme, and has a bit of St Trinian’s thrown in for good measure.  It feels as though it’s not really sure what it wants to be.  As far as can be followed, a schoolgirl wakes up with severe memory loss, whilst pigtailed bullies tower over her bleating threats.  She then runs all over the school in a panic trying to accomplish some mission before time runs out – as indicated by inexplicable ticking digital clock interims.  The school morphs into a war zone of teachers to duck, forbidden boys’ quarters to break into and awkwardly choreographed fights to be won.  When her accomplice aka best chum gets bound and gagged with a school tie we can’t help but feel we are just watching a bunch of kids playing.  However, there’s a sense of a potentially good idea not quite coming into fruition, and, with the annoying characters and lack of clarity, overall the story unfortunately fails to charm.


This review comes from a screening at the 58th London Film Festival 2014 (LFF 2014).

About The Author

Saskia is a young writer living in London. After graduating in Film Studies at The University of Kent, she completed an MA at Central School of Speech and Drama, where she developed a passion for writing and creating short films for herself and her fellow students to act in. When not immersed in scribbling ideas down, Saskia can be found partaking in crazy outdoor activities covered in as much mud as possible.

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