Interior. Leather Bar DVD Review

The amusing, but ultimately lacking, apocalyptic comedy This Is The End wasn’t the only film released this year which saw James Franco playing ‘James Franco’. Interior. Leather Bar., however, wears its reflexivity with far more sincerity in comparison to the former films parodic tendencies.

4 Cult Action Films DVD Review

In these days of VOD and amazon where hundreds of thousands of films are available at the click of a mouse button, it’s easy to forget that there are vast numbers of films that are still widely unavailable.

Boys on Film X DVD Review

Peccadillo Pictures’ BOYS ON FILM series consistently ranks itself among the best collections of short films currently available. And (though it fails to hit the heights of this year’s BOYS ON FILM 9) this new compilation is no exception.

8 ½ Blu-ray Review

8 ½ sees Marcello Mastroianni play Guido Anselmi, a famous Italian film director (and a clear stand-in for Fellini) who is suffering from ‘director's block’.

Love, Marylin DVD Review

This documentary from Oscar-nominee Liz Garbus explores the life of perhaps the most famous female in film history. Indeed her story is matched in tragedy only by how well known it is. The press notes for ... Read More...