52 tuesdays

52 Tuesdays Review

52 Tuesdays may present itself as something of a recondite film, and one that pushes concerns that won’t sit comfortably with a mainstream audience (no matter how important), but there also lies within a (dys)f... Read More...

Seret 2014: Six Acts

Johnathan Gurfinkel's Six Acts is a compelling piece of filmmaking and an interesting example of the type of cinema that is now coming from Israel.

Teenage Review

Director, Matt Wolf understands that adolescence is a relatively new concept; the idea of the teenager is something that was created in the early 20th century.

Girl Model Review

Supermodels, living the stuff that our mortal dreams are made of, those beautiful demi-gods who earn millions of dollars and literally don't have to put their own socks on. In their documentary Girl Model, Dav... Read More...