Non-Stop DVD Review

Neeson and Collet-Serra has reunited for a second time with Non-Stop, which is a great addition to Neeson's recent liking for these quick paced stories since working on Taken.

A Million Ways to Die in the West Review

Seth Macfarlane is a singer, writer, director and now he has thrown of the shackles of animation and ripped himself out of the stuffing of Ted to show you he can act in real life too.

How Liam Neeson Fooled Us All

It may not seem true but it is. He did it. Don’t start trying to think about how he didn’t, he blooming well did. Mr Neeson’s presence in film life appears to be part of the natural way of things but the sneaky... Read More...

Taken 2 Review

As the story of Taken 2 unfolds you will begin to focus on critical issues that have begun to plague your mind. “Did I leave the stove on?” you might say. Or, “I wonder what’s on TV tonight?” Or, if you are a s... Read More...

Battleship Review

Many say that Hollywood is dumbing down. If so one can only hope it does not sink any lower that the latest toy tie-in Battleship, an overlong and ugly advertisement. What story there is surrounds slacker Al... Read More...