The Grifters Blu Ray review

To Grift : A con artist: someone who swindles people out of money tipshrough fraud. That is at the heart of The Grifters. Lilly Dillon (Angelica Houston) works for a bookmaker, Bobo (Pat Hingle). He has set ... Read More...

John Cusack chats Map To The Stars

He’s been a Hollywood star since his teens, when he starred in Class, Sixteen Candles and The Sure Thing, but thankfully John Cusack was never like the characters in David Cronenberg’s Maps To The Stars.

Map To The Stars Blu-ray Review

Featuring a powerhouse performance from Julianne Moore, David Cronenberg's Map To The Stars is a look at the very real heart of darkness that seems to have taken over Hollywood since began.

Cinema’s most spectacular disaster films

With superhero movies now showing off the latest special effects and dominating the box office, the age of the disaster movie seemed to be over. Once the pinnacle of the movie calendar, disaster films demonstrated the awesome potential power of nature, or other beings, on earth and made us marvel at our own insignificance.

The Paperboy Poster Revealed

With the style of the trailers & movie posters becoming almost as important as the film these days, its great to take a look at the poster for 2012 film, The Paperboy as it evokes a deadly summer heat. T... Read More...