FRIGHTFEST Lifechanger Review

FRIGHTFEST returns and they have a selection of  films from horror less heard or known. Here we have Justin McConnell's LIFECHANGER. You may ask if Lifechanger was life changing? (See what I did there) Well let... Read More...

FrightFest 2016: The Love Witch Review

Anna Biller follows Viva with the insatiable, seductive and haunting The Love Witch. Partly an exploration of the sexploitation genre, mixed with elements of the mythic, the supernatural, 1960's pulp novels, the gothic and everything in between - The Love Witch is a film with bite and leaves the audience reeling by the end.

The Lesson DVD review

Kids hate school. Teenagers really hate school. The problem is that just like everyone else who works, they have to do it. When they dont want to be there, they play up. They scream and shout, fight, play with ... Read More...