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  • Win Nicolas Cage in ‘Joe’ on Blu-ray

    Win Nicolas Cage in ‘Joe’ on Blu-ray

    Curzon Film World have given us three copies of Joe on Blu-ray to give away to readers of Front Row Reviews, all you need to do is answer one simple question.

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  • Frank Blu-ray Review

    Frank Blu-ray Review

    Frank is fucking mad, it's wonderful and fabulous, the emotions are tender and the music is magical - it takes the audience away from where they are watching and throws them straight into the middle of this merry band of brothers and sisters.

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  • Horror Channel to premiere re-mastered eps of Doctor Who

    Horror Channel to premiere re-mastered eps of Doctor Who

    For the first time on UK television, Horror Channel viewers will be able to watch re-mastered episodes that were only released on DVD by BBC Worldwide last year.

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  • Bound Blu-ray Review

    Bound Blu-ray Review

    The Wachowski's Bound is an absolute masterpiece of contemporary crime cinema. Made before anyone had actually heard of the pair (three years before The Matrix), this neo-noir pays homage to all the elements and trappings of the genre and yet renews them for a new generation - nearly 20 years later and the films feels as relevant and fresh as any film coming out today.

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  • Mindscape DVD Review

    Mindscape DVD Review

    For a feature length debut, Jorge Dorado's Mindscape is a well thought out and structured effort, a worthy addition to this new wave of European productions that have a distinctive American feel about them.

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  • Faust DVD Review

    Faust DVD Review

    Some tales were made for the black and white era. The German folk tale of Faust has many incarnations, most notably Johann Goethe’s play, but F.W. Murnau’s film brings another dimension to the centuries old fable. Goethe’s words and expansion of the premise are undoubtedly the most significant of the appropriations but there is no [...]

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