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  • The Lego Movie Blu-ray Review

    The Lego Movie Blu-ray Review

    The Lego Movie is a hugely enjoyable ride, which is filled with promises of dazzling colour, friendly humour, a relatable lead character and an insane amount of fun.

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  • The Lunchbox DVD Review

    The Lunchbox DVD Review

    Mumbai is one of the most cinematic cities. It is a city like no other, every street thrumming with life, bursting with the vibrancy that comes from an entire nations packed into one city.

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  • Vampire Academy DVD Review

    Vampire Academy DVD Review

    But unfortunately for Waters and the lead actresses of the film (none of whom will become the new Lohan after watching this), this film is really a load of rubbish.

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  • In Bloom DVD Review

    In Bloom DVD Review

    In Bloom is a story told in these margins as two young girls find their voices, learning how to make themselves heard amidst a society undergoing fundamental and volatile change.

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  • The Rocket DVD Review

    The Rocket DVD Review

    How To Make A Rocket 1. Good structure. A rocket needs to be sturdy in order to withstand the heat and pressure of being fired into the air. The Rocket, a Laotian/Australian co-production by director Kim Mordaunt, uses a plot that feels familiar. Even as a young boy, Ahlo is believed to be cursed with [...]

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  • Non-Stop DVD Review

    Non-Stop DVD Review

    Neeson and Collet-Serra has reunited for a second time with Non-Stop, which is a great addition to Neeson's recent liking for these quick paced stories since working on Taken.

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