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  • It Follows DVD Review

    It Follows DVD Review

    Seriously. It Follows. What can one say about this high octane, sensational piece of cinema, which takes all expectations, all boundaries, all generic conventions and does away with them.

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  • Cake DVD Review

    Cake DVD Review

    Cake is worthy of so many accolades, far more than it has currently received and far more than it is possibly ever will receive.

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  • Girls Against Boys DVD Review

    Girls Against Boys DVD Review

    Austin Chick's Girls Against Boys has good intentions, a fun premise and a gobsmackingly great title but unfortunately the final product just doesn't live up to what is promised.

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  • Society DVD Review

    Society DVD Review

    Society is a fickle thing. It is true that the rich live off the poor. Some are up all the way on the top and others are way down on the bottom.

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  • Heavenly Sword comes to the UK

    Heavenly Sword comes to the UK

    A dramatic tale of revenge, Heavenly Sword follows the story of Nariko (Torv), a trained warrior who possesses a sought after blade with incredible powers.

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  • Silent Youth DVD Review

    Silent Youth DVD Review

    Silent Youth follows two young men as they each undergo a journey into the vast unknown that inevitably arises at the start of any relationship.

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