Toy Story 3 Film Review

Toy Story 3

Release Date (UK) – 19th July 2010
Certificate (UK) – U
Country – USA
Director – Lee Unkrich
Runtime – 103 mins
Voices – Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Joan Cusack, Ned Beatty

Its 11 years since Toy Story 2, so it’s fitting that this 3rd installment also maintains this time frame. Owner Andy is now grown up and preparing for college, and hasn’t played with any of our favourite toy characters for years, despite their best laid plans to re-open his toy chest. When the toys accidentally end up being donated to a local daycare centre by Andy’s mother, the films plot is a variation on the earlier two films, as the toys again try to return to Andy and we follow them on their journey.

The elements of Pixar films which make them so exceptional are all present here and, just as in the previous two films, Toy Story 3 manages to impressively convey detailed humanistic emotions and reactions through a bunch of animated toys. The plot rolls along effortlessly and there are some beautiful moments in a film which all ages will enjoy: the central themes of growing up and of leaving behind childhood will resonate with many audiences.

Toy Story 3: Barbie and Ken

There’s some new characters in the toybox this time round, including the hilariously satirical Barbie and Ken. The voice cast is superb, with all the regulars back –Tom Hanks returns as Woody, as does Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear and new voices include Michael Keaton as Ken and Timothy Dalton as toy hedgehog Mr Pricklepants. There’s also the sinister Lotso Bear (Ned Beatty), ruler of the daycare centre toys, and the plot takes a scary twist in his scenes, which may frighten some very young children.

Both thematically and technically Toy Story 3 is a joy to watch, One of Pixar’s greatest assets is the comedic elements of their films and there are plenty of jokes for adults, and for older children, to make it a thoroughly entertaining film for all ages. As with all Pixar’s films they know not to use 3D to excess, and the realistic animation is spot on, with an appealing bright spectrum of colour. Toy Story 3 is as close to the perfect film as possible, and I thoroughly recommend it to all audiences!

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