The Tourist Film Review

Ever since the hype we heard about a film named The Tourist, all eyes were on the cast. Arguably, the greatest actor in the industry and one of the most lusted after actors, Johnny Depp, teaming up with one of the sexiest actresses in her time, Angelina Jolie. And in my opinion, the pair were a delight to watch on-screen. Johnny Depp brought along his wit, and Angelina her sexy nature into their respective characters.

The film starts off with Elise (Angelina Jolie) receiving letters from her boyfriend, whom the police and a few gangsters are chasing. She follows all his instructions, one of them being to find a stranger and make everyone believe it’s Him. So then along comes Frank (Johnny Depp), a tourist in Europe, she entices him and he falls in love with her. The story continues as a bit of a rollercoaster, with a brilliant ending.

A lot of criticism has gone into the chemistry between Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie, but what those critics fail to realise is that too much intense romance can give away the plot, in which the pair have acted brilliantly to hide from everyone. As the viewer you think you know, but then you also think you’re wrong!

The whole plot in itself does have a few flaws, but I think the film is meant to have that as secondary to the part of the plot which I’ve mentioned above. Or, it was actually just very badly written, as the screenwriters were changed so many times. In fact, sometimes it feels like the story wasn’t fully completed. Either way, Johnny Depp makes up for the bad dialogues, simply because they’re coming out of his mouth!

It’s definitely worth a watch and a DVD buy once it’s out. I guarantee you will come out with a huge smile on your face due to the twist in the end.

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