‘The Debt’ UK Press Junket

The cast at the film's press junket in London yesterday

Compelling espionage thriller The Debt stars silver screen royalty Helen Mirren and showcases impressive talents from esteemed Shakespeare in Love director John Madden.

The cast joined forces in London’s Dorchester Hotel on Wednesday to discuss their thoughts on The Debt ahead of its September 30th release.

Rising Hollywood starlet Jessica Chastain (The Help) offers a truly breakout performance in her role as Mossad agent Rachel Singer and the acclaimed actress discussed why the character’s qualities  were so appealing to her; “It is rare to get a script where  woman is allowed to be strong and vulnerable.”

While the time-shifting narrative see’s Chastain sharing her character with Oscar-winner Helen Mirren, she confessed that this was largely her reason for accepting the role, “I just wanted to be around Helen to soak up her greatness!”

As the narrative is suspended between two different time zones, Mirren adds that the pair worked together to overcome any confusion over agent Rachel’s dual identity by “finding little habits to give the effect of this being one person”.

Director John Madden touched on the sensitivity of the political storyline surrounding The Debt by stating; “In a genre that’s not famous for moral complexity, we were very conscious of not reducing things to a single view. “ Instead he said they worked hard to “honour the material by making the people real.”

The Debt hits theatres on September 30th

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