Reynolds and Bateman Bring the R-rated Comedy

Green Lantern star Ryan Reynolds teams up with Juno actor Jason Bateman for what’s set to be a stateside summer blockbuster.

The duo star in David Dobkin’s latest ‘body-swapping’ comedy Change-Up, where Reynolds’s plays the archetypal playboy who accidentally switches bodies with his married best-friend Bateman.

During a string of recent press junkets, the comedic pair joked that the movie was much like an R-rated version of the classic remake ‘Freaky Friday’.

Ryan told Access Hollywood “We’ve seen body-switching movies. You’ve seen them throughout the years, different iterations, but never in the kind of no holds barred, full on, R rated sense. Kind of the way it should be made.”

The Universal Pictures comedy boasts a strong line of leading actors, including Tron: Legacy leading lady Olivia Wilde and Knocked Up actress Leslie Mann. The Change-Up also remains Dobkin’s first attempt at directing and producing on the same project since the 2007 family-drama Fred Claus.

The film will hit US theatres on August 5 2011 but is scheduled for a later UK release on September 16.

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