Southbound Blu Ray Review

SB2A desert road leads to more than just a series of desert patches, occasionally dotted with hot and dry towns that lack people but not dust. These towns are then filled with the usual watering hole, the usual sheriff or the ever present feral dog. Evil death like figures are hunting for more souls to add to the list, a man hits a girl and finds that the local hospital is less than up to standard and a place repeats on people that drive along it. Interwoven into this film are a series of stories that explore how we are driving ourselves along the routes of empty passages. These routes are leading often into despair and away from the very sanity that we crave. The very civilisation that makes us safe.

SB4My concern with this portmanteau film was evident from the start. I got the ABCs of Death and felt that they had great touches of skill and talent. Often from directors that know the genre and want to play in it. Southbound was sold to me and I got the idea of a wild,  dangerous road that breeds horror. I liked that visual but feared that the skill of writing pieces like this would be abandoned in order to achieve a series of shallow frights and spooks. It was and it was because of three things.

SB3One the over reliance on CGI and the lack of written skill of short stories. It says that the film makers want to get the toy box out and not try to make something that could challenge them. Two the films merge and this is poor writing and production from the films  constructors. This feels as if they have had to crowbar in the elements that they wanted and then sell it off. Three and the most annoying, the film makers have and do, so much better films. I am saddened by this. The film will please horror junkies but I feel it will annoy and enrage the hard and fast film fan. Genre lovers and geeks beware….

Extras…Nothing to write home about…


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