A crawling, creeping brilliance is emitted by director Adrian Garcia Bogliano LATE PHASES. Blind veteran Ambrose (Nick Damici in a star turn) is living in retirement settlement on the edge of town. Next door to him is nothing but woodland. Woodland is beautiful, quite and known to be the haven of many creatures. Some scurry others stalk.

One night, his neighbour is attacked and killed by what is considered a wild animal. Ambrose dog is also killed. Even though Ambrose does not see what did this, he sure knows what it was. A werewolf. Now as the community takes him in and he spends time with others, he starts to suspect someone among them is the dreaded beast. The only sure way to know is to wait until the next full moon. With a handy gun and sliver bullets, he can end the cursed creatures reign of terror.

LATE PHASES is exactly what is good about American horror genre cinema. Bloody, intelligent, tight and well written. It holds the viewer and it ticks of all the required conventions but with a radical energy that makes it something else. I cant rate this highly enough. Fans of horror, fans of action and fans of witty little nods will adore this. I must also highly Nick Damici amazing performance, which balances tense and vulnerable brilliantly.


You learn a lot about Adrián García Bogliano methodology in his commentary. How he approached the film and how he let air out of it. This is a interesting, if not wholly compelling venture.


Special Features

  • Commentary with director Adrián García Bogliano
  • FX Featurette
  • Making of Featurette
  • Trailer

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