A new 4K restoration of HIGH CRIME you say. A classic crime thriller from the Poliziotteschi subgenre, you press note suggest. Directed by ENZO G. CASTELLARI (Kill Them All and Come Back Alone, The Inglorious Bastards), a guy that they havent heard much about but if you know him, then you know his quality. HIGH CRIME, is about as good as Itlain exploitation gets. Franco Nero is Vice-Commissioner Belli who is investigating a bunch of drug-running sleaze bags from Genoa. He leans on gangster Cafiero (Fernando Rey), for some inside info and is told a new gang are taking on the town. So far, so Poliziotteschi. We do not know if Cafiero plans to take care of them himself or is expecting help but as things start to become tense, bullets will fly.

Belli’s boss is old school Commissioner Aldo Scavino (James Whitmore on Brooks from Shawshank if you arent into these types of films), Believes that there is a possible Mafia connection, to the gang. So we kind of know what we will get. Guns and fists and murder and revenge. Which is what we get. Within which is a coherent story of men at war, men of duty and Nero as a tough, bad ass. ENZO G. CASTELLARI is a phenomenal director of action. He gets the power and force of slow mo, like his hero PEckinpah but he also adds texture to this. The film needs it. It needs punch, it needs force and it needs style, which he gives it. The thing is STUDIOCANAL seem to feel that the film is perfect for their ‘Cult Classics collection’, which it is. But this buying public will only car about fancy bits on the box and little else. The 4K is outstanding and I think that is a part STUDIO and a part that the film has a good legacy and had a really good restoration a year or so back. The extras are just dull. ENZO G. CASTELLARI interview aside, you learn very little and care even less. The reason is not the content, more it is short, to short. The putting art cards in is not what I or others really like. GIVE US MORE PLEASE!!!

Including three all new special features:

  • A Criminal Conversation – Enzo G. Castellari Remembers High Crime:

A newly filmed interview with the director of the film, exploring the production of the film 40 years ago.

  • The Scene of the Crime – An Interview with Roberto Girometti:

A newly filmed interview with the camera operator and long term collaborator of Castellari on his experiences from the film.

  • High and Dry – The Stuntwork of Massimo Vanni:

A new featurette on the creative stunt choreography for the film.

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