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a3Detection is a dark business. Aloys Adorn has been doing it for so long now he has buried himself inside the layers that he uncovers and wrapped his own being in it. The camera is his portal into the humanity he has wrapped himself up againest. The camera is his only means of keeping a distance that is safe from his cases, his world and his life. This however changes when he falls asleep on a bus, loses his camera and then gets a call from a stranger. A call that tells hims they know and see what he sees…

a2The director Tobias Nolle and this film were unknown to me until very recently. I had heard some comments and a few rumbles of admiration but that was so far as to be whispers. Because of this I always enter the film as if about to be duped. I mean in this simply that the film can appeal to some people who are ‘cine literate’ but have no taste in film. They idolise cinema form or its destruction but fail to get that people watch these films and many of these people are not impressed by self indulgence and intellectual masturbation (Which is in truth self involved idiots speaking about nothing, loudly).

a1This film is nothing of the sort. It is rich in every kind of way. Great cinematic landscapes. captured with clever touches of the absurd and irrational. Amazing characters that feel human and written, that are of a type and of nothing before and extremely well navigated story. The film could have been a Christopher Nolan piece. It shares his interest in time and space. The way humans remember and isolate and the realm of reality. However it does more than Nolan by making the person a whole.

aheadNo empty vessels but real defined beings that emote. We live a life of a man who has shielded himself from the world and we live as this world is forced on him. We share his complexity with its fragile caress and the great film direction that never pushes to hard but allows us and him to awaken. Its a grand piece of film, so good as to excite a reaffirmation that cinema can be better and is.


The disc is sparse….but the film is not…

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