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  • The Spirit of ’45 Review

    The Spirit of ’45 Review

    The Spirit of ’45, Loach’s most comprehensive documentary of the British working class struggle to date, is a fierce and impassioned celebration of workers’ power and the possibility of collective organisation to ensure services are delivered for people and not profit. Using interviews and archive footage – public information films, news bulletins, footage of election campaign speeches etc – Loach weaves together a narrative that explains how Britain utterly transformed itself after the Second World War.

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  • Quatermass and the Pit – Review

    Quatermass and the Pit – Review

    “Down in the tube station at midnight, oh oo-ohhh ooh” – The words of Paul Weller, who had perhaps just seen this Hammer production about uncovered mysteries behind the tube station tiles. The secrets hidden beneath London’s streets are certainly ripe territory for a horror. Here Nigel Kneale has adapted his successful TV serial for [...]

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  • Hobson’s Choice DVD Review

    Hobson’s Choice DVD Review

    It’s a pity, really, that posterity remembers David Lean‘s Hobson’s Choice primarily as a Charles Laughton vehicle. Understandable, given his great talent and fame, but still a pity – because the star of the film is undoubtedly the little-remembered Brenda De Banzie. Henry Hobson (Laughton) is a prosperous businessman and respected Freemason in 19th century [...]

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  • The Man Who Fell To Earth Review

    The Man Who Fell To Earth Review

    A space capsule detaches, real space footage, its jets blazing with brilliant colour. It flies down, burning through the Earth’s atmosphere, and splashes into a lake of glistening water. We see the alien, also descending, feet unsure on a crumbling slope. A stick insect in a duffel coat, the sunshine bright behind his flailing silhouette. [...]

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  • Alfie Review

    Alfie Review

    As we embark on this newly found appreciation for British films with the ‘Made In Britain’ season, it seems only natural to take a look at one the most influential movies of a well-loved English acting veteran. Sir Michael Caine has graced us Anglophiles with an endless streak of unrivalled performances, The Italian Job, Educating [...]

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  • The Plague Of The Zombies Review

    The Plague Of The Zombies Review

    The Plague Of The Zombies is the second film showing as part of the Made In Britain season and will be screening across the country on Tuesday 12th June. The title may promise terror and gore but this is a Hammer production so prepare instead for general uneasiness mixed with equal quantities of the bizarre [...]

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