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  • Game of Thrones – You Win or You Die!

    Game of Thrones – You Win or You Die!

    The Home Box Office channel (HBO) have produced some of the best television to date with titles such as The Sopranos, The Wire, Band of Brothers, and Boardwalk Empire. But just when things couldn’t possibly get any better, George R. R. Martin’s fantasy literature takes to the screen like a boat to water. Game of [...]

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  • Cleanskin DVD Review

    Cleanskin DVD Review

    My excitement to sit down and watch ‘Cleanskin’ was unfortunately shattered by the time I had finished the film because on paper, the film sets up a very interesting premise and causes the audience to pursue some very interesting questions. Why does a terrorist become a terrorist? But the film goes one step further, to [...]

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  • Cleanskin Review

    Cleanskin Review

    It’s rare to find a film that refrains from forcing a particular point of perspective on to its audience. Hadi Hajaig’s captivating Cleanskin discourages one-sidedness, as it equally plays both faces of the same coin. Set amist the hustle and bustle of modern day London, the intense indie production highlights the Muslim mentality behind terrorism [...]

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  • Cleanskin – Trailer

    Cleanskin – Trailer

    Director: Hadi Hajaig Starring: Sean Bean, Abhin Galeya and Charlotte Rampling UK Release Date: 09/03/12

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  • Lily Collins revealed as Snow White

    Lily Collins revealed as Snow White

    Relativity Media has released a first look at Lily Collins' (The Blind Side) character as Snow in Snow White, directed by Tarsem Singh (The Cell) to Entertainment Weekly and you can check it out below.

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  • Sean Bean to play in Snow White

    Sean Bean to play in Snow White

    The Hollywood Reporter reports that Sean Bean (currently in HBO's massively acclaimed, Games of Thrones) is in final negotiations to play Snow White’s father in Relativity’s (currently named) The Brothers Grimm: Snow White adventure movie.

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