Signal One Top 10 part 2

For the second part of our top 10 Signal One films we see police action, Satanic body horror, censored films that caused a stir then and now and jewel theft crime writ large! From the Mediterranean, via LA and ... Read More...

Youth Blu-ray Review

Writing about Youth without hyperbole is surely a difficult thing - freshly off the back of Oscar winning The Great Beauty, Paolo Sorrentino returns with this beautiful, unadulterated masterpiece.

Youth Review

Youth, Paolo Sorrentino’s follow-up to his acclaimed 2013 drama, The Great Beauty, surrenders its concealed charms with as much grace and delicacy as it does its abundant, overt aesthetic prettiness.

Mona Lisa Blu-ray Review

George is a down at heel ex-convict who has just been let out and is hard looking for work. His wife has divorced him and keeps his daughter at a distance.

Kingsman The Secret Service Review

Matthew Vaughn kicks arse again with the mightily macho Kingsman: The Secret Service, a frantically fun film, if a little flighty and anti-feminist, where the females only serve to fornicate with or serve as a feisty and flawless sidekick.