Jane Got A Gun DVD review

Jane (Portman) has had a tough life so far that it has ran. She was in love with one man called Dan Frost (Edgerton), he went to war and for three years she heard nothing. When the days drew long and the wagons... Read More...

August: Osage County Review

A delicate, intimate family drama like this would have to primarily depend upon the talent of it's cast and thankfully John Wells adaptation of the play by Tracy Letts (who also wrote Killer Joe) is filled to the brim with some of the most sublime acting in Hollywood today.

Haywire – DVD Review

Steven Soderbergh’s gone Haywire. As another entry to the scarce list of Hollywood wonder-woman movies, Haywire builds its arsenal through generously sponging from its immediate superiors. Soderbergh pol... Read More...

Haywire Review

Leaving Jolie’s Salt shivering in the corner, Soderbergh’s latest offering is an exercise in how to make great action cinema. The plot may sound typical; a covert operative is double crossed and must work to... Read More...