When you get a request to review a film with a big name or two in its cast, you rationalise that it could be very good, if drawn from the indie roots. Or it could be very bad, if drawn from a studio. THE INCARNATION from Issac Walsh has Taye Diggs and Michael Madsen, alongside Jessica Uberuaga. Those first two are names that are well known and might be considered ‘big names’. Diggs is a serious actor and one with a very solid record of film performances. It also helps I have a soft spot for the MC from CHICAGO, after seeing him in said musical. Michael Madsen I am far less excited by, but it would be very facetious of me to say he has not stumped up a few note worthy performances. I mean take RESERVOIR DOGS or KILL BILL and you can see he has chops for Hollywood and the screen in equality.

We follow a struggling couple Brad (Taye Diggs) and Jess (Jessica Uberuaga), who are on the side to side. The dream of making it big and making it now, has evaporated and they have been forced into a rather nice but out of the way rental. Once in there, and as the nights draw in, they are disturbed by noises and then a mysterious locked room. This leads to a discovery that a demonic spirit lives in their new home. Mammon. He has been alive since biblical times and as he looks for more victims, they discover that getting rich can come at a hefty price.

So what we get served up here is less and incarnation and more an irritation. The story is one dimensional. The actors are broadly dialling it in. Madsen appears to be taking ten minutes out of his day to appear. Lacking any interest in what he is in or what he is delivering to the camera. Jessica Uberuaga is given little to make her work. She is simply seen as eye candy and a vacuous eye delight she delivers indeed. Diggs tries hard to make something of his role but I can see he was dulled by it and the scripts lack of edge. Visually the film looks like a bad reality episode of some jarring Paranormal bilge. Its sad but I couldnt recommend watching this…

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