Pixar alumni up for an Impossible Mission?

Brad Bird, the man responsible for the underrated Iron Giant and Pixar hits The Incredibles and Ratatouille, is reportedly being considered as a potential director for Mission Impossible 4. The fourth film in America’s answer to James Bond (sorry Bourne, they got there first) is to see Tom Cruise return as special agent Ethan Hunt, while the last film’s director J.J Abrams will now serve as producer.

Bird with one his two Oscar wins for Best Animated Feature

 This leaves the director’s chair empty and Cruise and Abrams are, according to The Hollywood Reporter, interviewing filmmakers far and wide in order to get the action flick underway and filming before summer of this year. Bird may not seem like the most obvious choice for a live-action spy thriller, but if The Incredibles is anything to go by the man is more than comfortable with things going boom.

 However, Bird shouldn’t start prepping those ridiculous gadgets straight away. Edgar Wright is also in contention for the helm, another odd choice when observing his back catalogue of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. Much like Bird’s animated fare, Wright’s films boast an unusual yet successful mix of action and comedy.

 So what does this all mean for M:I-4? Are Bird and Wright expected to toe the line on this one, or are Paramount Studios looking to change direction of the sometimes laughably serious franchise? At least Abrams recognised the nonsensical nature of the spy genre and enlisted Simon Pegg for a few laughs in M:I-3.

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