Jameson Cult Film Club Sci-Fi Screening


Back in January we told you about  Jameson Cult Film Clubs lastest event, a free cult screening on St Patrick’s Day. A vote was run on the Empire website so that film fans themselves could choose which cult sci-fi film would be screened out of the choices of  Donnie Darko, War of the Worlds and Moon. Brit flick Moon won the vote with an overwhelming 57% of the vote and today Jameson have released tickets to the event on thier site so get yours here now!  The screening will be on 17 March at the Royal Institution in London.

Moon stars Sam Rockwell and the voice of Kevin Spacey. Set not too soon in the future, a new fuel has been found which is mined from the Moon and astronaut Sam (Rockwell) is stationed on the moon on a three year contract which is about to end, with only a robot Gerty (Spacey) for company when odd things start to happen – read the full Moon Review for more details.

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