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Distributors Metrodome have come up with an innovative way to market some of their new films and DVD releases – by having free film screenings around the country and naming them credit crunch cinema in these recession busting times. Today they’ve announced their latest event – a screening of new epic film Dragon Quest.

Dragon quest is a straight to DVD epic released on 1st February. Set in a time of swords and dragons it stars The X Files Brian Thompson as knight Krill who wants to become the supreme ruler of this ancient world in this tale full of epic battles, legends and dragons.

The screening is on the 15th January at 10.30pm at the following Odeon Cinemas; Brighton and Leeds-Bradford and 11pm at Odeon Covent Garden, Cardiff, Manchester Printworks and Glasgow Braehead

To get a ticket to the screening you can simply email but if you sign up to their mailing list at although it only lists their old screenings you will automatically be emailed an e-ticket every time they have a new screening. These e-tickets are basically done on a first come first served principle at the cinema on the night but as the films are usually very low profile or straight to DVD horror films there never busy events so as long as you turn up a bit before you’ll be fine.

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