Jameson Cult Film Club Sci-Fi Screening


Our Friends at Jameson Cult Film Club are back with another great free screening – this time to celebrate St Patrick’s Day. Last year for St Patrick’s Day I was lucky enough to attend their event which had a zombie horror theme as guests had to choose between the Brit flick Shaun of the Dead and George A Romero’s classic Dawn Of The Dead at Bethnal Green’s swanky Rich Mix cinema. The event was great fun with free Jameson cocktails, zombies scaring people around the building, goody bags and even a great film quiz at the end! More recently there screenings have included showing horror films in an Islington Chapel and This is Spinal Tap at the Clapham Grand, but now they are going sci-fi with a choice of cult movies to be screened on St Patrick’s Day.

The three cult films are Donnie Darko, War of the Worlds and Moon and you can vote for which one you think deserves to be screened on the Empire Website – the classic War of The Worlds get my vote as have seen the others too many times as they are both such recent films. The screening will be on 17 March at the Royal Institution in London so make sure you check out the Jameson Cult Film Website as tickets will be made available there from February 17th.

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