The Pack DVD Review

p4In the deep remote backwaters of Australia a pack of wild dogs have become immune to the taste of animal flesh. They have moved to the ultimate prey as they want a more substantial and difficult creature to consume. Problem is that the human is not native to this area, except that is for those who have decided to farm the land and call it their home. Now a family who are about to lose everything (due to the banks foreclosing), have to fight for their lives against these viscous beasts. A single night that will test them forever.

p2A screamer. That is what you call a goal that is scored in a feat that is amazing. It is also what you would call a great film. So this is not a great film in the sense of artistic value or content. It is however a great film about the fear of nature. Its a tradition in the Australian film industry to comment on a country that is wild and its human visitors are so new to its shore. Think of this as a mix of Cujo (which is even given a production nod), Long Weekend (A Australian classic about the horror of the outback) and The Howling. Nods to these are within this film but it has some more depth to it, if you want to search for it. Search inside and find its comments on the economy, agoraphobia and of course that old chestnut of sexual desire. It is also a great weekend horror film that you know, what will happen and where it will go. I liked it as this but also loved how it took a subject and played with it a little. It has range and depth. It comments on genre and society. The outside and its breaking inside of our homes.

The DVD is ok. Good transfer and sound. That is it though. Nothing else to add to this balance and it hurts that a film which is quite good gets a slap in the face like this…

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