The Entity Blu Ray Review

EN3When Carla Moran (Barbara Hershey) is raped in her bedroom, the search for a suspect begins. When however she says that it was an invisible assailant, her psychologist believes that she is delusional. When they investigate deeper into the attacks, it appears she is being attacked by a paranormal entity. This is something he does not know how to deal with but how will they stop it from attacking again?

EN1The paranormal is hard to do. It takes a stance that is bold or one that is over done. I have just come from watching the Australian film LAKE MUNGO. This film and The Entity both use the techniques of music layered with visuals that are complex and unsettling. It is amazing how skillfully The Entity uses a barrage of sound to disturb are flow. It ruptures our senses and shatters the comfortable space of the home. Battering us with the sense of evil at work. This is hard for us to escape and the film is clever in its use.

EN2Now it also needs a great central performance from Hershey, to make the whole complete. She is both tender and hard. She is thrown around and abused but is so solid in her role that she never misses a step. I loved her dimensions. A woman of passion, who has lead her life as she wants but who is still fragile when attacked. Its a hard role but she pulls it off so well.

ENHEADNow the disc is plain but the transfer is very beautiful. It looks superb. So superb as to bring the film out of the dirty copy prior and into a clean, shiny fresh visual scape. Its good but should have had more love and more content…

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