Pink String and Sealing Wax DVD

PS2Victorian Brighton is awash with allsorts of people living and striving in life. Edward Sutton is the father and the towns respected chemist. He is also a hard hearted monster and loves nothing more than scripture and sadistically watching the death sentances being passed down to woman in the dock. He has three children, one a prospective singer, one an animal lover and the eldest son, in love with a wealthy woman. All three have suffered at his whim. He also has a wife that is brow beaten and weak. This life will all change over the course of interaction with Pearl Bond, a landlady whose husband beats her and drinks to much in order to mistreat her more.

PS1Ealing comedies and the horror film Dead of night are well known. Less well know are these melo drama, womens picture films of the period. This and films like IT ONLY RAINS ON SUNDAY are actually not as these description would seem to suggest. They are firstly social commentary films of the period and clever at it. They challenged the patriachal society that dominated (and still does). They use space and time as medium for reflecting the country on the edge of a war that had changed society and its mechanics. I feel that they are under valued for this component and as you the viewer watch I would suggest searching for this within its core. It is obvious but I feel interesting enough to search for.

PSHEADThe second thing is that the film is about how skilled the studio was and how certain directors were key to this success. Robert Hamer directs with clever use of frame and wonderful use of actor direction. The film is engaging and intellegent but also has enough depth for character development and a coherently immersive story. You care about the film and when it matters and emote when the shifts come. The art direction is fluid as well, playing with vast empty luxury and dingy public house with ease. The cinematography is a delight and shows us again why I love black and white film. It is overall a great film but one that warrants at least 2 viewings to unpick its myriad components.

The DVD is not filled with much but the interviews are ok. The stills gallery add a few pictures to that place we like to see, behind the operation of film makers. The comparison piece is ok as well….


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