Criterion feature for FRONTROWREVIEWS

Completing our 12 films list for the end of summer, we find Criterion has a wealth of films, new and old for any mood! So without further ado? When you are in the mood …

6 – To be inspired


Space, the final frontier. This is the voyage of those who went to the moon. Taken from their own recorded footage from 8mm cameras, sent with them to the surface and back. Coupled with an astonishing score, excellent features and a no holds barred making of, this is the film of humanity’s greatest achievement. It is a disc that allows you to explore this, completely.

Best Feature?

An Accidental Gift: The Making of “For All Mankind,” a new documentary featuring interviews with Reinert, Apollo 12 and Skylab astronaut Alan Bean, and NASA archive specialists Don Pickard, Mike Gentry, Morris Williams, and Chuck Welch. WOW!


5 –…to be entertained!


Six-Films in the series.  Based on a Manga. Blood soaked. Sword slashing. Child basket sitting! The best films are delightful blended parts savage and spectacle. I would say that watch it from start to finish, From Sword Of Vengeance, to White Heaven In Hell. Its a great week of watching and thanks to Criterion, we have the video nasty era his, Shogun Assassin! That blends pieces of parts 1 and 2, into a superb American version of the film!

Best Feature? 

Well that Extra film is the one to watch!


4 -…to blast off a weekday blues


Jeff Daniels and Melanie Griffith star in this 1980s comedy about a yuppie businessman called Charles. He is so WASP that he buzzes. He gets mixed up with the free-spirited child of the flower revolution, Audrey Hankel. They are guided by the exceptional film maker Jonathan Demme. Running through New York and into a new life that will make both of them better for it!

Best Feature?

Its the film silly!


3 – …stare at beauty!


This frankly brilliant Japanese documentary has been well known as a passion project by director Hiroshi Teshigahara. A bold, meditative and embracing covering of the life and art of Antonio Gaudi’s work in his hometown. This is a hard film not to be impressed by. Well structured and visually magnetic, you will feel a connection to the artists life and works maybe. You may even find a feeling that is even better, good documentaries are life affirming.

Best Feature?

Visions of Space: “Antoni Gaudí,” an hour-long documentary from 2003 on the architect’s life and work. This allows for a more formal chart of the artists history.


2 – …A mixture of emotions!


This gargantuan set features a masterpiece, a cult classic and a sing along frenzy! No matter the mood, this set will have something for you! We have a singalong in – The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (1964), a love story with a sardonic side, refreshed by then unknown, Catherine Deneuve. The cult classic is Donkey Skin (1970), a merge of fairytales and fantasy for adults. Then we have the masterpiece Lola (1961), which gave us Demy world and all who would later play within it!

Best Feature?

The fact you get six films when one film is so good!

1 – …want to feel bolder


Dorothy Azner directs with a wit and charm rare to most. This film charting a marriage, is as subversive as it gets. Pre Code, Post feminism, potent and powerful. Fredric March and Sylvia Sidney are an urbane couple whose relationship is pushed to the breaking point by his alcoholism and lusty wandering eye. They decide on an experiment. An open marriage. But society is not going to like that much.

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