Nordicana Festival Returns Featuring Stars of The Killing and The Bridge

This year’s smorgasbord of Nordic delights includes the attendance of two of the most high profile faces of Nordic TV; Danish actress Sofie Gråbøl, best known for playing the iconic jumper-wearing Sarah Lund in The Killing, and Swedish actress Sofia Helin, unforgettable as the leather clad Saga Noren in the Danish/Swedish co-produced TV series The Bridge.

A Hijacking Review

Most of the action in cargo ship hijacking thriller A Hijacking occurs over the telephone. The emotional stakes are set in the opening moments by a conversation between soon-to-be-hostage Mikkel (Pilou Aesbæck) and his wife and daughter, and later raised through a fraught and highly affecting second conversation between the two parties. That these two conversations occur hundreds of days, and about forty onscreen minutes apart, yet mark the only contact this family has is telling of the quality of control and construction present in Tobias Lindholm's immaculately thought out thriller.

What Richard Did Review

Lenny Abrahamson's Irish drama brings the audience back to zero by taking away the fancy cinematography and the sustained tension and even the guns, but instead is a discovery and exploration of what happens to one boy when it all towers over him.

The Killing II DVD Review

It would be easy to assume that the success of the Danish television series The Killing (Forbrydelsen, or "The Crime" in the original language) is due to the recent surge in popularity of Scandenavian crime lit... Read More...