Gamera is the ultimate in homages. Well to some its the ultimate in rip offs but that's another story. Daiei saw it directly as a challenger and bandwagon jumper, from the GODZILLA movies. Well that was then an... Read More...

Cinema’s most spectacular disaster films

With superhero movies now showing off the latest special effects and dominating the box office, the age of the disaster movie seemed to be over. Once the pinnacle of the movie calendar, disaster films demonstrated the awesome potential power of nature, or other beings, on earth and made us marvel at our own insignificance.

Godzilla Review

Director Gareth Evans manages to bring us a film that honours the spirit and feeling of the original, whilst avoiding just a carbon copy. The film's plot is as much about family as it is about Godzilla, as Bryan Cranston seeks to find the truth about a disaster which tour apart his family, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson does whatever it takes to get home to his wife and son.