Its Complicated Review

Release Date (UK) – 8 January 2010
Certificate (UK) – 15
Country – USA
Director – Nancy Meyers
Runtime – 118 mins
Starring – Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin

Its Complicated is a standard rom-com from long time genre director Nancy Meyers (What Women Want, The Holiday). It certainly doesn’t live up to its title as its simple story tells the story of baker Jane (Streep) having an affair with her ex husband Jake (Baldwin) ten years after their divorce. Meanwhile Steve Martin goes completely underused as Jane’s architect who has a crush on Jane.

Jane and Jake split up when he had an affair with the younger Agness (Lake Bell) and is now married to her. When Jane and Jake are reconciled at their son Luke’s graduation it seems Jane has finally forgiven Jake and they embark on an affair. With all the usual sneaking around gags prolific it seems obvious where the films going but it takes a sudden turn at an attempt at serious drama as they discuss their relationship and divorce at great lengths. Unfortunately this will only actually interest people who are divorced, which is certainly not the rom-coms target audience and turns this harmless film into a bit of a yawnfest.

Streep and Baldwin both perform well enough, but its odd that Steve Martin has such a small part as he doesn’t really get much comic opportunity. In fact the one performance that stands out is from John Krasinski as Harley, the fiancée of Jane and Jakes oldest daughter who accidently discovers the affair. He has great comic timing and probably the best lines of the film as he tries to help cover up the affair from their children.

Its Complicated is a good enough rom-com with some fine but predictable gags. However its been dragged out to two hours to turn it into much more of a relationship drama and comes off slightly heavy handed. Most rom coms fans wont mind this but it may bore and drag out for others. Trailer Below

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