David Lynch Retrospective at BFI: 1st – 29th Feb 2012 + Win Tickets!

David Lynch: A Reputation Precedes…

Next month the BFI are presenting a full retrospective of one of the pioneers within contemporary American cinema. David Lynch has been responsible for some of the most talked-about films in the last 30 years of American cinema. Some of his best films may not to everyone’s taste but enjoy them or not, you cannot deny their creativity.

To win some tickets and A Masters of Cinema book – see the bottom of this article!

Please see below the full line-up for the season. To book tickets, visit the BFI site.

Blue Velvet

2 Feb 20:40
4 Feb 20:40
24 Feb 20:40

The discovery of an ant-infested human ear triggers a descent into the darkness behind the suburban American dream.

Season Introduction: David Lynch – The First Coming

1 Feb 18:10

Season curator Antony Todd discusses David Lynch’s passage from cult anonymity to the status of true auteur.

Study Day: David Lynch: In Dreams

11 Feb 13:00

An afternoon of exploration and discussion of the dream worlds of David Lynch.


4 Feb 17:40
17 Feb 20:20

David Lynch’s medieval science fiction blockbuster, starring Kyle MacLachlan, Francesca Annis and Sting.

The Elephant Man

2 Feb 18:15
5 Feb 18:10

John Hurt’s Oscar-nominated performance as John Merrick, the man whose disfigured face made him a cause célèbre in Victorian London.

Eraserhead + Early Shorts

1 Feb 20:10
7 Feb 20:30

The genesis of David Lynch’s unique vision, and his cult horror feature debut.

Inland Empire

21 Feb 19:40
25 Feb 19:30

David Lynch’s three-hour digital opus, starring Laura Dern as an actress who may have succumbed to a dangerous curse on the set of a film.

Lost Highway

12 Feb 18:00
18 Feb 20:20

A jazz saxophonist on death row morphs into a new identity in David Lynch’s extraordinary LA noir.

Mulholland Dr.

10 Feb 20:10
26 Feb 17:20
29 Feb 20:10

Doppelgangers, dream imagery and loose ends blend in David Lynch’s modern classic, starring Naomi Watts.

The Straight Story

6 Feb 17:40
22 Feb 20:40
27 Feb 20:45

A 73 year-old man travels across America on a lawnmower, in search of his estranged brother.

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

11 Feb 20:00
26 Feb 20:20

The controversial prequel to David Lynch’s Twin Peaks.

Wild at Heart

5 Feb 20:30
11 Feb 17:30

David Lynch’s dark and mysterious tale of lovers on the run won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival.

BFI David Lynch Season


Thanks to our friends at the BFI, we have 3 fantastic prizes to give away.

1st – A pair of tickets + an A Masters of Cinema book!
2nd – A pair of tickets
3rd – A pair of tickets

Winners can pick which film and at which time they would like to attend.


To count yourself with a chance of winning, join us on facebook then just send us an email with your name, contact details and the answer to this simple question:

Which of these is not a regular in Lynch’s films?
a) Laura Dern
b) Sam Neill
c) Kyle MacLachlan

Email you answer to competitions@frontrowreviews.co.uk Good luck!

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