Ok, so here we go. Having been alive when this first came out and then also having been one of the few to spend money on the cinema screening in the UK, this release compelled me. Well not compelled, more I wanted to give the film a second chance. THE FAN was widely panned on release, it was loathed even. Lots of that has changed in the interim. Then however it was Tony Scott was off of TRUE ROMANCE and then CRIMSON TIDE but seemed to come off the rails. Those two were big hits. His brass and luminescent style was coming to the fore. This film was a mis fire. I then remembered seeing the film. It was a complex mess where a mix of Bob DeNiro playing psycho, detached post Scorsese Cady and Snipes keeping some of it level, did not gel well. I hated it and I still do.

De Niro plays as Gil Renard, a major fan of the San Francisco Giants. He is in his element when centerfielder Bobby Rayburn, played by Snipes. The rest of the fan base are more concerned by the $40 million it took to get him there. With the World Series in every ones sights, no one is happier or more supportive Gil as things begin to get good. Rayburn however then suffers a deep slump, with the shirt number he is not able to wear blamed. Gil loses his kid and his job, then  becomes obsessed to save his idol and help him regain his former glory.

This all boils down to an over long, over blown, over acted mess of good direction (the visual portions that connect story and scene are very) but a trashy throw away story of one really obnoxious person (Gil is terrible and played with poisoned venom by De Niro) and a mouse like Snipes. With a lack of any extras on the disc, I cant honestly or fairly recommend it to anyone. Avoid like the plague.

Special Features:

  • High-definition transfer
  • UK Blu-ray premiere
  • Still gallery
  • Optional English SDH subtitles for the main feature!!!linki&awc=2549_1640169280_d5513d6e5be9139b682f152678d4bb9f

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