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  • Interview with Mem Ferda

    Interview with Mem Ferda

    Poet, performer, linguist, cousin of the Prime Minister of Northern Cyprus… Mem Ferda is the definitive Renaissance man.  Born in Chelsea to a Turkish government minister and his wife, and trained as an actor at LAMDA (after achieving both a BSc in Psychology and an MBA), Mem Ferda has led a colourful life. In his [...]

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  • Turnout – DVD Review

    Turnout – DVD Review

    Lee Sales’ directorial debut ‘Turnout’ follows the life of, George, a 26 year old, unemployed drug-dealer, living with his mum in Hoxton. A typical day for him consists of selling weed to the council estate tenants, drinking in his local and sniffing coke at his friend’s flat. George and his girlfriend, Sophie, have been saving [...]

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