Zero Dark Thirty Review

Zero Dark Thirty (or 'Everything You Wanted to Know About Torture, But Were Too Afraid To Ask') is the latest by Academy Award winning director, Kathryn Bigelow who has returned to the big screen with her follow up to The Hurt Locker.

Golden Globes Nominations Revealed

The contenders for this year's Golden Globes Awards, celebrating the best in film and television as voted for by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, have been announced in Los Angeles.

The Assault – Blu-Ray Review

Given the recent influx in terrorist-themed cinematic entertainment, HBO’s Homeland and Hajaig’s Cleanskin for want of immediate examples, the conclusion could be made that global audiences are now desensitised... Read More...

Homeland Review

(Spoiler Alert) It’s Showtime! And no, I don’t mean the 2002 cop-comedy starring the unlikely couple of De Niro and Eddie Murphy. I was once an avid watcher of Showtime’s Dexter. But lately, I've felt c... Read More...