Miss Violence Review

If there is one film this year, which is more than a mind boggling mind fuck, it's Miss Violence.

East End Film Festival: Bruno and Earlene Go to Vegas

Bruno & Earlene Go to Vegas focuses primarily on two misguided individuals colliding together in the most unusual of circumstances having been spurned in the past for two wildly varying reasons. They both carry burdens with them when they meet at Venice Beach for the first time and they reluctantly latch onto each other in the hope that they'll each have someone to trust in again.

Me and You Review

Bernardo Bertolucci returned to Cannes Film Festival last year with his first film since 2003's The Dreamers; Me and You. The film is a relatively low-key affair, set in few locations and apart from a few scenes at the start and at the end, is pretty much a two hander between half siblings, Olivia (Tea Falco) and Lorenzo (Jacopo Olmo Antinori). This may be a far cry from the 1972 Last Tango in Paris, but there is more to this heartfelt reflection than initially meets the eye.

Thursday Till Sunday Review

Director Dominga Sotomayor’s debut film tells the story of a family on a road trip in rural Chile, on their way to check out a plot of land that belongs to the father. There are two stories that run throughout: that of the parents who are seemingly on a martial suicide mission, and that of their daughter who bears witness whilst taking her first steps into the hard world of adulthood.