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It might seem slightly sardonic that the game we are reviewing and playing central theme is about the fight over essential organs! This might seem in bad taste but the games thrust is one that actively explores the nature of the human body and the component bits that make it up. This can leave you in awe of its majesty. All those organs, working in some coherent process. All these horrible things that could destroy us in a slow or rapid ballet of decay and mortification. This could also leave you with a thought. How they heck do we survive so many of these illnesses when people will not wear a mask for instance or wash their hands? Its a strange place for a game to take us to.


When you draw the sleeve of the game and you arrive at this lovely medical dictionary book cover box, well you might think, this is going to be cold and dull. Well the sardonic swipe it introduces is hilarious. Then inside are the rule book, funny and well illustrated. Two card types are in the box. The Organ cards. These are blue backed and organ focused. The Attack! card. These are red backed. That is it!


In the game, your sole objective is to destroy organs and be the last one with any left. To each player is dealt a set of organs. All organs are dealt to players in fact and these are your life, so guard them. Then the players are given 5 red backed cards. These are your attack! cards. You need these to attack your opponents organs. Two strikes and they are out. You also need the exclamation mark to say this btw. Then play begins with the person left of dealer. They have to use immunity, affliction and other tactical cards to protect their organs. Cards like Gallstones, thyroiditis and more destroy others organs.


ORGAN ATTACK plays best as a group game. The reasons are simple. The cut and thrust of play, from the organ removals to the restoration of organs, keep the group energy high. The cards themselves are well illustrated, tinged with a dark humour it benefits directly from. Then you have the games most subtle key. It teaches players about biological science in ever more exciting ways.


Just one thing. Power of cards. Some disease cards and conditions are fun, others just too powerful and monstrous. So when played, it becomes unconquerable!


ORGAN ATTACK might just be that rare thing. A great and simple game that has disappeared under the radar because it is seen as one thing but is another. A very good other but one that has been stigmatised by a generation of humourless people, who feel it is offensive. No it is darkly humourous and gives voice to the horrors of what stupid mask less, vaccine less morons do not want expressed. Viruses kill.



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