East End Film Festival: Bruno and Earlene Go to Vegas

Bruno & Earlene Go to Vegas focuses primarily on two misguided individuals colliding together in the most unusual of circumstances having been spurned in the past for two wildly varying reasons. They both carry burdens with them when they meet at Venice Beach for the first time and they reluctantly latch onto each other in the hope that they'll each have someone to trust in again.

East End Film Festival: After Tiller

Martha Lane and Lana Wilson’s documentary After Tiller focuses entirely on third-trimester abortions, those undertaken after the twenty first week of pregnancy, or more specifically the doctors (there are only four) who offer these late period abortions and the toll such a procedure has on them. For a look at the whole spectrum of the abortion debate, go to Tony Kayes expansive, balanced and troubling 2006 documentary Lakes of Fire (yes, he did something after American History X, something much better,) as After Tiller isn’t trying to offer that. After Tiller is much more personal and specific, though no less informative and challenging.

East End Film Festival Report

Running from the 25th of June through 10th July, the East End Film Festival, now in its fourteenth year, will this year be expanding considerably. Offering a programme of 80+ features and over 100 shorts, the multi-platform festival, traditionally posited as a small scale, independently minded little sibling to the London Film Festival, will offer two weeks of British and International film, music and industry sessions in venues across East London.