Veer Review

Director – Anil Sharma

Starring – Salman Khan, Sohail Khan, Mithun Chakraborty, Jackie Shroff, Zarine Khan, Gita Soto, Lisa Lazarus

Veer (Salman Khan), a Pindari warrior, has sights on revenge against the Madhavgarh King (Jackie Shroff) after he had deceitfully butchered 1500 tribal warriors back when Mithun Chakraborty’s character went out to seal a deal made with the King. As he falls in love with the Princess of Madhavgarh, Yashodhara (Zarine Khan), the path seems to be hard but he cleverly uses it in his favour.

The grand stage, colour, and culture of the movie is great, unfortunately I don’t feel the director portrayed it in a viewing manner. The movie doesn’t give enough time to appreciate the stage that’s set. The storyline also flickers a lot, one minute he’s just slain the prince and next Veer and his brother Punya (Sohail Khan) are back in India. There also wasn’t a decent build up in the meeting of Veer and Yoshadhara, it all just happened too quickly. When they arrive in England, again she just appears with no real build up.

Lets talk about the actors Mithunda and Jackie Shroff still haven’t lost it, especially Mithunda. His portrayal of the Pindari’s (low caste villagers that are always drunk) was second to none. Jackie Shroff is great at playing alpha roles, and always has been. I’ve never been a great fan of Salman Khan since he decided to take his shirt off in every single movie, and he still has a long way to go to up his rankings competing with Aamir, and Shah Rukh Khan (Aamir being number one of course!). Katrina Kaif lookalike, Zarine Khan, did a pretty good job considering the pressure she must’ve been in competing with the successes Shah Rukh’s and Aamir’s counter-parts in Om Shanti Om, Rab Ne Banadi Jodi, and Ghajini, respectively.

As a Brit what I liked about Veer was the introduction of British actresses Gita Soto (playing opposite Sohail Khan) and former Miss Universe Lisa Lazarus. Gita Soto’s scenes gave her excellent¬† exposure, she showed as a westerner she has many talents; speaking Hindi dialogues, a little bit of poetry & singing, and acting. Gita Soto will no doubt make good progression in Bollywood. Lisa Lazarus enjoys a part played to indirectly fool Yashodhara into thinking Veer likes her, I was surprised by her good Hindi. It was nice see Gita Soto and Lisa Lazarus adapting to an unknowing environment.

I really loved the soundtracks of the movie. Saajid-Waajid did a brilliant job bringing Rahet Fateh Ali Khans voice to the movie. Surili Akhiyon Waali was the highlight of the soundtracks, bringing real depth to the love aspect of the storyline.

Overall, mixed response with the movie, I get the storyline but don’t feel it’s portrayed well

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